Geophysical Solutions to Complex Problems

Advanced Geological Services

Providing Comprehensive Geophysical Solutions

AGS is a geophysical company comprised of applied geophysicists who are licensed professionals dedicated to providing quality consulting services to a wide variety of clients in the environmental, engineering, and construction industries.

As a sub-consultant to environmental companies, this may include using a variety of non-invasive geophysical methods to map landfill boundaries, identify utilities or subsurface hazards prior to drilling, determine limits of contamination, identify water-bearing zones, locate UST’s, etc.

For engineering firms, AGS uses different techniques to determine rock and soil properties including P– and S–wave velocities, as well as to characterize voids, landslides, and more.  AGS also uses a full complement of borehole logging equipment to determine or verify subsurface lithology and other borehole characteristics such as fracture orientation and frequency.

The construction industry commonly uses AGS’s services to determine bedrock depth/rippability prior to development projects, investigate concrete to check for delamination and verify rebar location/spacing, and more.

These services represent a small subset of our experience.  Please visit the applications page for additional types of surveys offered.  We take pride in determining the appropriate geophysical method necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

We invite you to contact us directly to discuss your project in detail and, if desired, to provide you with a competitive cost estimate for your job.

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